Three Kinds of Immortals

I only just rediscovered this one myself. I reread what little I had written and I wanted to read the rest. So I guess I’ll have to get working on it again. God only knows what the plot was meant to be.

There’s a lot of different kinds of immortality. There’s the traditional immortal, the metaphorical immortal, and the reincarnation sort of immortal. I’ve met all three, and I’ll fight anyone who doesn’t agree with me on this point, because, see, I’m the traditional sort of immortal. I don’t die, I don’t age, I don’t get sick, and honestly, I don’t tend to get into life-threatening danger, so I don’t know if I would even die that way.

My girlfriend is the reincarnation sort of immortal, and it’s all very tragic and sad because she gets old or sick and she dies, then I’ve got to wait for her to be reborn before we can finally get together again and she doesn’t have a clue who I am.

So, yeah, that happened.

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This is a story which was started by an odd dream that shoved all my knowledge of Arthurian legend into a weird non-time that was both Victorian and Renaissance Faire. Some of my stranger ideas start out that way. Someday I will actually write the book about dragons in a time bubble.

She was precisely two hours old when it became apparent that something was wrong with her. The new princess, Ninimue, was sobbing loudly and could not be soothed by anything. She could not be shushed, rocked, fed, changed, or left alone. Nothing made her quiet.
The older princess, heiress Gweneviere, had never had to deal with a small child before. She had never in fact ever even met a child more than one year her junior. But somehow the king, in his frustrations at his younger daughter as she continued to cry, had thrust the care of Ninimue into Gweneviere’s not particularly capable hands.

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Tusker House Dinner Buffet Favorites

A few weeks back my family did the insane: we went to all four parks in one day. We started at Hollywood Studios for a WDW Meet and Greet. Then we went to Epcot for lunch (we ate at the Sunshine Seasons). After that was the monorail to the Magic Kingdom where we had Citrus Swirls. Finally we completed the circle by heading over to Animal Kingdom for dinner at Tusker House.

The food was fantastic and, because we had one of the last reservations of the day, the restaurant wasn’t too busy. I think the favorites in my family were the Israeli couscous with basil and the entire dessert table. But then, who doesn’t love a good dessert table?

A Guide for Finding the Lights of Disney

Number One: Always look up.

I’ve found that some of the most interesting things in the parks are above eye-level. At the very least, all chandeliers will be well above the average eye-level. More importantly however is the fact that many of the two-story of taller buildings in the parks have balconies, which often have lighting fixtures visible to guests.

Number Two: Don’t get tunnel vision.

While on a busy trip it might seem like there are never enough hours in the day, it’s important to look around, not just rush from Point A to Point B to Point C. As I said in my first point, often there are lights in harder to see areas. They’re in places you don’t see if you’re not looking for the details.

Number Three: Look for the shadows.

When you’re stuck in line, look at your shadows and the tint of the light in room. The location of your shadow can give you a good idea of where the lights in the area are, and the length of the shadow is also helpful. The longer the shadow, the lower the light. This step at least only works either indoors or at at night after the sun has gone down completely.

Ariel’s New Fantasyland

Lanterns of Ariel’s New Fantasyland.

Ariel’s section of New Fantasyland is characterized by lights that look like sailors (and sailing princes) would use them, and many have been aged to look like they’ve lived in salt-filled air for a long time.

Polynesian Long House

The central light fixture over the main lobby of the Polynesian Resort’s Long House.

After the remodeling of the Polynesian Long House there were a lot of changes. My favorite is the huge light fixture hanging through the opening on the second floor of the lobby and down over the main seating area of the first floor, for this they needed to do a scissor lift training course so they could work with all the lights the ceiling needed.

Enchanted Lights

The lights and lanterns of Enchanted Tales With Belle in New Fantasyland

Enchanted Tales With Belle really does put you into sections of Beauty and the Beast. From the huge chandelier in the library to the eclectic mix of lanterns outside of Maurice’s Cabin, you can expect the lights to help transport you.